Abortion, it’s a business, not a choice.

Abortions, are they really about giving a woman more choices? Or are they about making abortionists rich…
Do I have your attention yet? Have you ever heard the word propaganda? In simple terms, something someone will push and push and push to make it truth (regardless of how true it is) to make money on something. The dairy industry is pushed very hard by guess who, the dairy farmers of Canada. They claim that milk is loaded with nutrients. However, milk of today is not milk of 50 yrs ago. But that doesn’t stop them from pushing it.
Abortions are the same thing. It’s pushed and pushed and pushed as an available choice. The problem is, there was only 1 clinic left in Canada that couldn’t get tax payer funding to support it. And because of this, it’s closing hopefully July this year (2014).
Abortions don’t cancel a pregnancy. They kill a child. And if the clinic gets funding from the public purse, what more is an abortion clinic than a cash cow for the one that owns it? Some clinics average approx 5 abortions per day, at $1000 per abortion. $25 000 per week, 1.3 million dollars per year. Do we see a trend here? And this is just 1 clinic. Imagine if there are 100 clinics across the country. $130 000 000 is a disgusting number considering we claim senators steal $100 000 and we are outraged.
Abortionists aren’t trying to help young pregnant women in distress. They are wanting to make coin from them. Since they know they can write the bill to the province/federal and they will get a cheque.
So we are paying over 100 million dollars per year to eliminate our own offspring. If this doesn’t outrage you, I’m not sure what side of morality you’re on.
Now let’s take a brief look at the finances on the private sector. If there are 130 000 babies aborted each year, and it takes 5000 babies to create 1 job in a diaper plant, well, we just gave up 26 jobs. What about the cribs, strollers, baby bottles, blankets, clothes….are you getting my drift?
The last point, if we take those 130 000 babies, and fast forward 25 yrs, and put them all in jobs. The tax revenue would be 1.3 BILLION dollars in taxes. Assuming all of them have a $40k a year job at 25% income tax bracket. If one of them employs 10, the math is off, however, it’s higher.
We are really looking at the wrong side of the topic. I know there are many variables in the math I have done. It’s not absolute. But the alternative, abortion, is costing us no matter HOW we calculate it.
It was once said, “you can tell the state of the country, based on how they treat their children”. Well, in our case, the babies don’t even make it to childhood. They make it to the dumpster. I could go on and on about live abortions (baby is born, but left to die alone in a room) or the morning after pill, but I pray my point is made.
I also pray that if you’re reading this, and were considering an abortion that Christ could change your mind and if you really don’t want the child, there is a family out there waiting to adopt it. My wife and I are on that list, and waiting.
If you have had an abortion, I pray you find Christ to help you with your guilt. You can contact me for support, and I can put you in contact with a local church to support you.


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